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About the Artist

Rich Thorne is a multidisciplinary British Artist based in Bristol, UK.

Emerging from the UK Graffiti scene under the moniker ‘Richt’, the artist has been exploring creativity through original work, design, animation and on street pieces for the past 20 years. Projects range from Academy Award winning film studio Aardman Animations, to global powerhouse Vans. The artist also considers a social responsibility to young people, hosting talks and workshops in schools and with youth groups across the world.

With a ‘feast or famine’ approach to colour, the aesthetic shifts between monochromatic minimalism to vivid saturation. His spontaneous, automatic style emerges as an absurd stream of consciousness filtering details from popular culture, to animate the mundane shapes of everyday life. Through his compositions, the movement and memory of graffiti culture is reimagined through a contemporary lens.

Solo exhibitions include Barcelona, Amsterdam and London with public art projects and commissions from Eastern Europe and Northern Asia to the USA.