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The Worlds to Do List, Project Everyone

Bristol, 2022

“ If you continually take from the bottom instead of the top, you’re gonna knock the whole thing over"- Richt

As British residents are well aware, the UK is currently experiencing a cost of living crisis, with soaring prices for food and energy set to push 3 million people into poverty this winter.

This week the United Nations convene in New York to discuss critical issues affecting people and planet. As a UN Global Partner, Project Everyone enlisted artist Richt for the global awareness campaign, the ‘World’s To-Do List’,. Over the past year, Interventions have occurred in Dubai, London, New York and this week, Bristol.

Around the theme of ‘Reducing Inequality’, the artist considers economic disparity, with low income families being disproportionately affected, while the rich continue to amass unprecedented levels of wealth.

The new public work illustrates an unstable composition of exaggerated financial icons, moments before collapse. Whether the forms burst, snap or topple, an absurd tension around the subject of money is present, one that Irrespective of country or city, we recognise and share as a global community of people.

Project with the City of Bristol and Project Everyone supported by Socius, Destination Bristol and Bristol Ideas

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Photo credit:
Ricky Martin